About the Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Jack and I currently reside in Paris, France to learn more about their culture and music. My passion and love are traveling and music. My mom sang for a living and taught me how to play 4 different instruments including the guitar, piano, saxophone, and drums. My mom raised me on her own because my father left her when he found out she was pregnant so I was always on the road with her learning more about music and practicing my singing and instrumental skills.  Ever since I was about 13 years old I knew I wanted to go to UCLA and study music. I made sure I got an A in all my high school classes and took AP classes to boost my GPA so I could get a scholarship to UCLA. I was fortunate enough to get a huge scholarship that helped my college tuition. I got my bachelors in Music Education and worked as a server at a bar that had live music all throughout college to save up to live in Europe for a year or so. I have been residing in France for about 3 months now studying the music and culture and I have never been so happy! On my website, I will be posting blogs that relate to music. Hope you guys enjoy!