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Here’s Exactly What BBW Stands For

There’s a lot more to the term BBW than you might think. Of course, it’s an acronym for the term Big Beautiful Women (or Woman), but it can mean different things to different people.

Most people simply assume that a BBW is a girl with a few extra pounds. While it’s not far from the truth, a BBW can incorporate anything from curvy supermodel to a heavily obese girl. In some cases, even big-bootied girls like Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook are considered to be somewhere on the BBW scale.

To a lot of guys out there, BBWs are primarily associated with the world of porn. This isn’t surprising, considering that curvy girls are an incredibly popular fetish, not to mention that the term BBW itself originated from pornography. When it comes to porn, the term BBW is usually reserved for the excessively larger women rather than the oversized-but-shapely ladies.

Most BBW ladies are fine with their designated label, with the majority of them happily embracing it. BBW ladies, especially the more modern, sex-positive ones, understand that there is a large fetish niche which addresses them. They know that a lot of their potential partners will be attracted to them because of their size alone, but really, this is no different to any other type of attraction.

Skinny girls will be approached because of their looks, just as punk, goth, hippy, mature, and BDSM-style women will be hit on because of their specific characteristics too. Fetishism is only a bad thing if this is the only reason that a relationship may form between two people. However, in most cases, fetishism serves as the initial attraction between two people, which can then develop into something more.

BBW fetishism is usually approached with negativity by most of society. When people hear that there are others who derive sexual gratification from sleeping with people who are overweight (or being overweight themselves), issues about morality and health are quick to arise. However, most people soon forget that a lot of fetishes can be incredibly harmful to a person’s health, – so what’s so bad about BBWs? People are quick to bring spanking, caning and choking implements to the bedroom, but a little extra weight is considered the most dangerous thing out there? Something doesn’t seem right there.

Contrastingly, to simply assume that some men are attracted to fat women because of their size alone is a generalization. BBW ladies are generally considered to be more approachable, down-to-earth and friendly than their skinnier peers. The fact that BBW ladies are clearly okay with indulging themselves in what they find enjoyable suggests a more open and accepting personality. A lot of guys find this to be a very attractive trait, because it means they too can share this cosmopolitan approach to life.

By the same token, BBW isn’t all about sexual preferences, attraction or fetishism. A lot of ladies out there classify themselves as a big beautiful woman because that’s exactly what they are. They may feel more on the curvy side than the skinny side, but still feel that they’re naturally beautifully.

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